Admission to Advanced Diploma in Industrial Safety and Environmental Management


1. Students wll be admitted through a written admission test, the syllabus of which will be based on the common courses taught in the degree courses mentioned in the eligibilty criteria. The subjects are Mathematics, Physics, Environmental Science and Basic Engineering Science.

2. All candidates must ensure that they have a “gmail” email address.

3. The examination will start at 11 am and finish at 12 pm (1 hour only). You have to sit in a well-lighted room with no persons in the background at 10.30am. An online Google Meet link will be sent to your email address. You have to join with the Google Meet Link sent to your email address within 11 am. You have to keep your camera (laptop or desktop or mobile) and microphone ON throughout the examination.

4. After you have joined with the Google Meet link and put on your camera and microphone, you will receive the question paper as a PDF in your email address.You will also receive the answer sheet in Word format. You have to write your name in the answer sheet (Word file). You have to type your answer against the question numbers provided. You can carry out rough work with pen and paper.One mark will be awarded for the correct answer and 0.25 marks will be deducted for wrong answer. More than one choice will be regarded as a wrong answer. Non-programmable calculators are allowed.

5. After the examination is over, you have to email your answer sheet to the email address from where you received the question paper. All answer sheets must be received within 12.10 pm. You can convert the Word file answer sheet to PDF format if you wish. Answer sheets received late will be disqualified. Wait till you receive a confirmatory email upon receipt of your answer sheet from Jadavpur University end. If you face any problems, please call at the phone number provided in the email from where you received the question.

6.Use of unfair means will lead to cancellation of the candidature of applicant.They are (but not restricted to)
(i) You cannot leave your sitting place anytime during the examination for toilet, drinking water etc. (ii) No person other than the candidate should be seen in the camera field throughout the examination. (iii)The question paper should be deleted from your system after the examination is over. (iv) Use of mobile phones for calling or chatting during the examination is not allowed.

7. Screenshots of the person writing the examination will be preserved with Jadavpur University. During the time of admission, the candidate has to bring hard copy of the admit card with two photographs pasted. The screenshots will be compared with the deposited photographs. In case of mismatch, the candidature will be cancelled.